How to Be the Best Camping Buddy

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Summer is here, which means it’s time to start planning those camping trips! Whether you’re an experienced camper or you’re just getting started, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re the best possible camping buddy.

Here are tips to help you out!

1. Do Your Research

Make sure you know what kind of camping trip you’re getting yourself into. Will you be hiking? Canoeing? both? You need to be prepared for whatever activities might come your way. This includes packing the right gear and food, as well as knowing what kind of weather to expect.

2. Tell Your Buddy You Have Special Needs

Let your camping buddy know if you have any special needs or requirements. Do you have any allergies? Are you a vegetarian? Make sure your buddy knows so they can accommodate your needs.

3. Don’t Forget the Basics

Make sure you have a sleeping bag, a flashlight, and insect repellent packed and ready to go. These items are essential for any camping trip, and forgetting them can put a real damper on things.

4. Be Considerate of Your Campsite Neighbors

It’s important to be respectful of other campers around you, especially if they’re trying to get some rest or enjoy nature in peace. Keep your voice down, don’t play music loudly, and dispose of your trash properly.

5. Be Willing to Pitch In

Camping is a team effort, so be prepared to help out with whatever needs to be done. This could include setting up tents, gathering firewood, or cooking meals.

6. Speaking of Meals, Be Sure to Contribute

Even if you’re not the best cook in the world, there’s no excuse not to help out with meal prep (and clean-up). If cooking isn’t your thing, offer to bring snacks or drinks for everyone to enjoy around the campfire.

7. Don’t Be a Party Animal

Nothing makes a campsite more unpleasant than someone who’s had too much to drink and is being loud and rowdy late into the night. If you decide to drink alcohol while camping, do so responsibly and make sure everyone else is having a good time too.

8. Be Respectful of Nature

This one should go without saying but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. Remember that you’re not at home—you’re in nature! That means disposing of waste properly, being careful with fires, and not disturbing wildlife (or taking anything home with you).

9. Have Fun and Relax

Camping is supposed to be a fun and relaxing experience, so make sure that’s what it is for everyone involved (including yourself!). Take some time to explore your surroundings, take some photos, sit by the campfire, and stargaze—whatever helps you unwind and enjoy yourself.

10. Be Safe

This is the most important tip of all. Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean safety should go out the window. Make sure everyone knows where they should and shouldn’t go exploring. Keep an eye on small children. And be aware of potentially dangerous animals. If everyone follows these simple rules, then everyone will have a great time camping!


These are just a few tips for being the best possible camping buddy! By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that everyone has a fun (and safe) trip outdoors this summer!

Allen Joe

Allen Joe

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