How to Poop While Camping

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If you’re new to camping, you might be wondering how you’re going to manage your bathroom needs.

After all, there are no flush toilets in the great outdoors! Never fear, though—with a little planning and preparation, you can make pooping while camping a breeze.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that if you’re not located on a glamping site.

1. Choose the Right Spot

When you’re looking for a place to do your business, choose a spot that’s at least 200 feet away from any water source. This will protect both the water and anyone who might be using it from contamination.

2. Dig a Hole

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to start digging! Use a trowel or your hands to dig a hole that’s at least six inches deep—the deeper the better.

3. Do Your Business

Now it’s time for the main event! If you need some privacy, make sure you bring a tarp or some other form of privacy screen with you. Otherwise, just do your best and try not to think about who might be watching (they’re probably not)!

4. Cover It Up

Once you’re finished, it’s time to cover up your waste so that animals can’t get to it—and so that other campers don’t have to smell it! Use the dirt from the hole you dug to cover everything up, then pack out anything else that didn’t decompose (such as used toilet paper).

5. Wash Up

Last but not least, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water—preferably from a bottle of water that you brought with you from home. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep everyone healthy.


Pooping while camping doesn’t have to be difficult—just follow these simple tips and you’ll be golden!

And remember: always practice Leave No Trace principles when visiting any natural area so that we can all enjoy the outdoors for years to come. Thanks for doing your part!



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